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"Audaciously you to create an inclusive world." 
Samra & Marie-Philippe

Being human is given
but keeping our humanity is a choice

What Drives Us

Everything that we do is about helping individuals and organisations, it's all about humanising the way we work! The misconception of believing that showing your emotions at work makes you weak is just a dangerous assumption. It requires a lot of strength and courage to express emotions.

Values that we truly believe in, is growth! We are convinced that the correlation between self-discovery and self-growth has a huge impact on team growth which ultimately impacts the business growth!

Emotions have been neglected in the working environment for a long time now, that has impacted negatively the way we interact with each other. So we decided that it's time to lead with more empathy and bring back humanity at work.

Our Ambition

Shake up leaders and organisations to foster an inclusive working environment that everyone dreams of! Our goal is to inspire leaders to lead with more EVE: Empathy, Vulnerability and Emotions.

Our objective is to continue inspiring more and more leader everyday! We are audacious enough to target 5000 by 2023.

The amount of leaders that are promoting their EVE in their professional life:


Our Leaders

"Really fun and taking us out from the daily job. Didn’t have the envy to disconnect a single minute. Probably on of the best workshop on self awareness and promotion I did . Thank you! I feel more confident with what is driving me and I feel less scared to tell it even if it is not aligned with the standard in many companies."

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